We love Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication because it:

  • Opens us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others
  • Helps us speak honestly and with kindness
  • Inspires listening with presence and ease
  • Supports loving communication among family members of all ages
  • Invites collaborative relationships in the workplace
  • Transforms wants and needs into clear, do-able requests

We are deeply grateful to Dr. Marshall Rosenberg for his passionate pursuit of the question, “What is the nature of violence?” His curiosity led him to develop Nonviolent Communication. He then traveled the world as a peacemaker, teaching Nonviolent Communication everywhere he went.

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For a quick introduction to Compassionate Communication, 
listen to this radio interview with Denise Torres from April of 2015:

For another exploration of Nonviolent Communication / Compassionate Communication, listen to this interview with Bryn Hazell from September of 2015.

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